Extremists Provoke Homosexuals in Tábor

Tábor under siege. 500 men in uniform were at the ready but only 250 were deployed. The potential risk was great. The radicals just few steps away from the rainbow flag parade. The workers party originally counted on about 100 supporters coming to their event but in the end barely 30 came.

"A person is almost embarrassed to be heterosexual. If you don't think that in 10 years there might be a parade of zoophiles and pedophiles here, you're mistaken."

Director Filip Remunda interupted the nationalists’ exaggerated speechmaking. He noticed the inscription Aryan Brotherhood on the sweatshirt of one of the radicals.

"Isn't this something which smacks of racism? It's for the police to decide how they're going to respond."

"It's under investigation. We have to determine his intention, whether he knows what he’s wearing, etc."

At noon the colorful parade set out on a two-kilometer walk through the town. The crown of nearly 400 gays and lesbians was joined by groups of anarchists, but there were no skirmishes.

"These are parades full of love which are intended to celebrate our difference and diversity. Nothing else."

"Local people joined in, so things turned out well."

"People should freely express themselves as they wish."

"These people have the right to do it."

The festival will continue with the dance party which will last till Sunday morning. And so the police are still at the ready but in much smaller numbers.

David Vaníček and Lucie Kandlová, Televize Nova.