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 A great success. That’s our answer to the question, “How was the Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor?”

Throughout the 18 months of organizing we faced many challenges, but none presented itself as too great to overcome. Thanks to the shared commitment, vision and tireless volunteer work, this event turned out to be historical in myriad ways. Perhaps more important to us, those with the micro view, is the undeniable fact that we reached the goals we set, and even occasionally surpassed them. We trust these accomplishments will serve to further empower the LGBTIQ community and its allies in the Czech Republic, and we look forward to the day when we not only make history, but share history.

Our thanks to

* all participants of the Parade for replacing fear with their joy
* our volunteers for their generosity and ability to improvise
* the internal security team for their expertise and patience
* Police ČR for their good-natured cooperation and professionalism
* Tábor –that is, the residents who joined the parade (or smiled and waved), the businesses that didn’t close, our advocates at City Hall, Mr. Majen (CESTA’s neighbor) who welcomed all participants to his yard, CESTA supporters, and organizations that provided space and resources
* the Festival and Afterparty performers and presenters for keeping diversity in the entertainment program (for less than usual)
* CESTA for providing the facility, inspiration and concept
* LGBTIQ organizations for developing the network that led to the Organizing Committee that led the event
* the leaders of minority communities for connecting their names with our event
* our media partners and all other media outlets, which positively presented the event to the world
* our sponsors for helping it happen at all

Click here to watch our picture report on FLICKR.

Click here to see our list of links with reports from TV, radio, and other news sources, personal accounts by participants, photo galleries, videos and much more to give you an idea of how it looked and felt.

We also prepared a few statistics for the event, which are both interesting now and useful for the future of Pride parades in the Czech Republic:

Number of people on the Organizing Committee      
10 (of those, number residing in Tábor - 4)
Number of registered Parade participants as of June 19, 2009 17:00          
Number of resistered Parade participants at the Parade Starting Point on June 20, 2009
111 (of those, number of pre-Parade registrants - 83)
Actual number of Parade participants
estimates range from 350 to 500
Number of volunteers on June 20, 2009
119 (of those, 62 were monitoring safety and health)
Number of Police deployed in the city during the Parade

We hope this inspires you and we look forward to the next Queer Pride Parade in the Czech Republic. Wherever that is, we will be there to support you.

With respect and admiration,

The Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor 2009 Organizing Committee


Photos: David Peltán and Petr Dobiáš