Queer Pride Parade in Tábor
Rules and Guidelines

By registering for the Parade, participants agree to the following Parade Rules and Guidelines:
  1. All participants must check in at the Welcome/Registration Table at the Parade Starting Point. Participants are required to be present at the Parade Starting Point area by 11:30 AM. The parade will start promptly at 12:00 PM.

  2. Discretion in behavior and clothing is encouraged due to the presence of minors.

  3. The display of logos or names of any political party is forbidden. 

  4. Any person operating a vehicle of whatever kind in the Parade whether powered, self powered, or non-powered does so at his or her own risk, bearing all liability for any and all damages or loss of personal property and/or any personal injuries sustained to themselves or other person(s). The vehicle operator hereby waives any and all claims and or defenses it may have against QPPFT of whatever kind as a result of his or her independent use of said vehicle.

  5. The QPPFT Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove any person or unit from the Parade Starting Point area or the Parade in the event that said person is a hindrance to the progress of the Parade, places other participants or spectators in danger, or violates any of the Parade rules.

  6. There is NO RAIN DATE for the parade.

  7. Participants agree that the QPPFT will not be liable for any loss of or damage to their property.

  8. Participants agree to not hold liable the QPPFT, its directors, officers, volunteers, and/or agents for any and all claims (including attorney’s fees) imposed on, incurred by, or asserted against any of the parties identified above, caused by an act or omission of anyone, or arising in connection with the activities conducted by the participant before, during and after the Parade.

  9. By applying to participate in the Parade, participants agree to support the purposes of the QPPFT which are:
      1. To educate all citizens about the issues and concerns of LGBTIQ citizens.
      2. To promote and provide cultural activities within the LGBTIQ community.
      3. To advocate for and encourage the participation of LGBTIQ people in the educational, cultural and civic life of the Czech Republic
      4. To increase the visibility of the LGBTIQ community in the Czech Republic.
      5. To enhance the quality of life of LGBTIQ people in the Czech Republic.