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Český rozhlas 22.6.

ČT 1, ČT 24 20.6.
Události http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/209411000100620-udalosti/obsah/81109-300-gayu-a-leseb-proslo-taborem/

TV Prima 20.6. Zprávy TV Prima 18.55 http://www.iprima.cz/index.php/plain_site/content/view/full/97662/(name)/date

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Moderní Brno 22.6.

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http://tn.nova.cz/bin/search_adv_media_desc.php?media_id=521046 (click here for english translation)



12.6.2009 - Q reportáž z Tábora (video)

1.6.2009 - Táborský deník -
Queer a Tábor. Rozdílný pohled
Tábor - Již za 18 dnů projde centrem Tábora průvod Queer Pride – sexuálních menšin.
(in Czech)

1.6. 2009 - Bad-Bull - Průvod sexuálních menšin Queer Pride v Táboře je v ohrožení
(in Czech)

1.6.2009 - ČT 1 a ČT 24
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1.6.2009 - Regiony 24
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30.5. 2009 -
Prohlášení zveřejněno na gaylide.cz (in Czech)

30.5. 2009 - Prohlášení zveřejnil Econnect (in Czech)

30.5.2009 -
Colour Planet - Šikanuje Tábor Queer Pride? (in Czech)

24.1.2009 - Deník.cz (in Czech)

20.1.2009 - ColourPlanet (in Czech)

16.1.2009 - Regionální noviny Táborsko (in Czech)

9.1.2009 - gaylife.cz (in Czech)

Check out the pages of our official Queer Pride Tábor photographer David Peltán (Publicproject/Kulturně)

4th press release

3rd press release

2nd press release

Radio interview on Radio Onda Rossa (Italian/English)

Info brochure

On January 19, 2009 the QPPFT Organizing Committee held its first press conference at the Tábor City Library's A-klub. The focus of the conference was to present the event strategies and goals, and current state of event preparations. The Organizing Committee was represented by Hilary Binder and Chris Rankin from CESTA, Jiří Mareček and Zdeněk Jašek from Jihočeska Lambda, Petra Podlahová and Kateřina Kubešová. The attending journalists from two regional papers and Český rozhlas (the main media partner of the QPPFT) viewed an interactive presentation of the current event preparations, and took with them the new event brochures along with a copy opf our queer glossary. All Organizing Committe members responded to the questions posed after the presentation. We extend our deepest thanks to the director of the Tábor City Libray, Mrs. Alena Otrubová, for her support and the abilty to use the A-klub's facilities.

1st press release

ColourPlanet (in czech)


Saturday June 20, 2009

9:00 - Final Contingency Monitor training session
10:00 - Parade participants begin to gather at the Parade Starting Point at the Tábor train station (nádraží).

10:00 to 11:45 - Announcements, performances, and refreshments available as organizers help put the Parade sections in the pre-determined order as set by the organizing committee.

12:00 - Parade begins to move along the route pictured and described on the map.

The entire Parade Route is accessible for people in wheelchairs.


or buy a Queer Pride Tábor t-shirt, button or sticker on-line at Queershop.cz

Transportation, Parking, Accommodation and other practical information






Main Organizers:

Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor Organizing Committee:

Hilary Binder, Chris Rankin (CESTA) CESTA

Ing. Jiří Mareček (Jihočeská Lambda)
Jihoceska lambda
Tereza Mikšaníková (eLnadruhou) elnadruhou
Mgr. Eva Kubešová  
Mgr. Kateřina Kubešová
Petra Podlahová  
Solène Frattini  
Dita Jahodová  



Get involved! Participate. Donate. Volunteer.

On-line Parade Registration closed. Further registrations at the Registration table on Masaryk Square (Parade Starting Point) between 10am and 11:30am on Saturday.

We recommend all Parade participants coming by car park at either the U Plaveckého stadionu or U Zimního stadionu parking lots. Both will be monitored throughout Saturday day and night by the Czech police.

Our 6th press release (Czech pdf only)
So, it's time! On Saturday June 20 at 12pm the Queer Pride Parade starts in Tábor. From 10am to 11:30am we will await your arrival on Masaryk Square, where amongst the music the final Parade registrations will take place. It's also where you can pick up your registration card, which entitles you to discounts at assorted Tábor businesses. Those who registerd before May 1 will receive a souvenir pack and a 50% discount card to the Afterparty. Just give us the number we sent you by email or your email address you used to register. At the Parade Starting Point you will also be able to make your own last minute Parade banner, but of course we recommend you bring the one you made at home with more time and the right conditions.

We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and a waterproof jacket or raincoat (no umbrellas, please!). Familiarize yourself with the Parade rules, which you can find on our site www.queerprideparadetabor.cz. On the site you can also find practical information regarding transportation, street closures and detours, and a general town map to help you get oriented. Check out our News section for information on how to best reach the Parade Starting Point at Masaryk Square safely and easily.

We're hoping for fair weather, and a peaceful celebration of our goals: to protect human rights, increase LGBTIQ visibility and support the participation of the LGBTIQ community in society's educational, cultural and civil life.

Looking forward to your arrival!

Many greetings from Tábor

Check out Q reportáž z Tábora (18:30  TV video clip) and see and hear our warm invitation to the Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor

The City of Tábor has announced circulation detours and road closures in connection with the Queer Pride Parade, which will be in effect from 8am to 2pm on Saturday, June 20. If you are arriving by car, we recommend you park outsdie the center, and either walk or use local bus service (operational without limits) to get to the Parade Starting Point. Intercity bus and train service will not be disrupted. More information about the detours and closures available here (in Czech) or here (map).
Looking forward to your arrival in Tábor.

D-day nearly here. Yesterday the last workshop for Parade coordinators took place at CESTA and at Club Milenium models met for a dress rehearsal for the Afterparty fashion show. As you can see, we're not underestimating anything - not your safety, nor your fun

So you are better oriented, and don't lose your way, download an print our Queer Pride Tábor map and all its practical information. We're all really looking forward to our celebration.

On Wednesday June 14, Club Velbloud in České Budějovice welcomes all to the Pinkout Warm Up Queer Pride Gay&Lesbian&Friends Party.
Come and warm up for the Parade with DJ Disastrous from New Zealand.

Pinkout party poster

Parade Starting Point changed. The new Start will be at Masaryk Square.

Prepare for our colorful celebration in advance - buy a t-shirt with the Queer Pride in Tábor logo on-line at Queershop.cz, and wear it in the Parade! T-shirts available in seven of the eight original rainbow flag colors (the eighth color reserved for volunteers and organizers). Buying one supports the Parade, and if you buy before Parade Day, you get a discount. Visit Queershop.cz for more information and other souvenirs, too.


Our 4th press release (pdf)

eLnadruhou - 15th NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival PRAGUE 20th – 26th May 2009

News from Queer Parade Brno:
Press Release: "Warm Spring" (Teplé jaro) this year in Brno
Press Release: "Warm Spring" (Teplé jaro) arrives and the Queer community celebrates it

"Warm Spring" (Teplé jaro) Program

AIDS pomoc and Gaysport.cz present the 2nd annual "Run against homophobia and to support Světlu pro AIDS."
May 16, 2009 at 10 am in Prague
More information at www. aids-pomoc.cz and www.gaysport.cz.

Our 3rd press release (pdf)


Our 2nd press release (pdf)

Still cold? Spring slow to come? Not in Brno, where “Warm Spring” (Teplé jaro) is already heating up, so come get warm, have fun, and bask in the heat.
Queer Parade Brno – Teplé jaro 2009
May 5 through June 6, 2009
teple jaro

On to our tasks after the latest Organizing Committee meeting yesterday...

Another fundraising success yesterday. Thanks Freewomension and MC Orion!

First QPPFT press conference yesterday was a success!
Read all about it...

First benefit action for QPPFT - Freewomension Disco February 7, 2009 at MC Orion Tábor. Come dance for the cause!

First QPPFT press conference will be Monday January 19 at the Tábor City Library at 3:00 PM

Parade registration form available here. Registration is required in order to march in the parade. Register before May 1 you get a 50% discount on the Official Queer Pride Afterparty ticket!



Is this intended as a protest march?
No. Above all, it will be a celebration, and will serve as an opportunity to raise awareness, visibility and acceptance of the LGBTIQ community and issues related to this community in the Czech Republic.

Is this event only for queer-identified people?
No. It is a celebration for everyone. We all need to be seen, to have our voices heard. Supporting another to achieve this helps us all to reach that goal.

Why Tábor?
Mostly because CESTA is in Tábor and a large part of our work focuses on the Tábor community in terms of impact on, exposure to, and cooperation with the rest of the world. We also would like to spread and share the chance to promote and support pride events among many cities in the Czech Republic. It is important not to relegate community building exclusively to the capital or large urban centers in a small country like the Czech Republic. It is equally important to show that smaller towns can also bring a voice to those who need support.

Why June 20?
Most LGBTIQ pride parades in the northern hemisphere take place in the middle of the year, particularly in June, to commemorate the Stonewall riots.

Early in the morning of June 28, 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer persons rioted following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn — a gay bar in New York's Greenwich Village that was heavily patronized by people of color, including a high percentage of drag queens. The Stonewall riots are generally considered the beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement, as it was the first time in modern history that a significant body of LGBT people resisted arrest.

On Sunday, June 28, 1970, the one-year anniversary of the riots, the Gay Liberation Front organized a march, coordinated by Brenda Howard, from Greenwich Village to Central Park in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots. On the same weekend, gay activist groups held marches in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The first marches were both serious and fun and served to inspire the widening activist movement; they were repeated in the following years, and now more and more of them are annually produced in other cities throughout the world.

What is CESTA?
CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor) is an international not-for-profit center established to foster cultural understanding and tolerance through the arts. Since 1993, CESTA has concentrated its efforts on international arts festivals, community projects, group exchanges, residencies, and the development of an informational global network for artists in all fields of artistic expression and cultural production.

The concept of cultivating cultural understanding and awareness through the arts is based on the recognition that traditional dialogue has its limits and prejudices. Through an open and flexible environment, CESTA strives to challenge these limits in a contained context and present alternatives for use in a larger context.

Our location in the Czech Republic provides us with a keen perspective on a transitional society, both ideologically and economically. In effect, CESTA is a laboratory where committed cultural work takes place alongside community-building projects. We do not see CESTA as so unique that our activities will not translate across cultural lines or societal values. Rather, we pursue a course of one amongst many projects — the many including the known and the unknown.
Art, to us, is not limited to the abstract, the ethereal, but includes social awareness. Thus, the sociopolitical aspect of cultural work is inherent in all of our productions and processes, from our events to our administration and facility design.

Welcome to
the Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor 2009 website
June 20, 2009

Our goals

  • hold a celebration of, for and with the LGBTIQ community and its allies
  • increase visibility of this community
  • advocate for and encourage the participation of LGBTIQ people in the educational, cultural and civic life of the Czech Republic
  • provide a safe environment against violence towards participants of the event

MUDr. Džamila Stehlíková
Mgr. Jiří Hromada

In these pages we introduce you to the whys and whats of this event, as well as explain the whys and hows of getting involved.

Simply stated, we want to celebrate, and there couldn't be a better time. After the events of the Czech Queer Parade in Brno in June 2008, forging the tradition is clearly necessary. Queer Rights are Human Rights, meaning inherited not granted. This celebration is not a protest. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, visibility and acceptance of the Queer community and issues related to this community in the Czech Republic. Yet it is also a celebration for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. We all need to be seen, to have our voices heard.

We also want to share our celebration with supporters from around the world. It is as important to learn from stronger communities as it is to offer strength to developing communities. We invite you all to join us and make this celebration a true example of our unity and growth, not to mention a whole lot of fun!

On this site you will learn how to register yourself, your group, your float or your table; offer a performance, exhibition, workshop or training; volunteer, fundraise, advertise; and of course, find practical information about the parade and festival programs, accommodation, food, queer friendly projects and businesses in Tábor, child care, parking and weather predictions.

So get your calendars, palm pilots and iPhones out and write it down: Saturday June 20, 2009!
See you here.


The Festival grounds will have a stage for daytime and evening performances, speeches, etc., stands and tables for theme-/issue-/organization-related literature and products, food and drink stalls, and parking limited to staff, performers and Parade floats.

Please contact us if you want to have a stand or a table.

Soon we will post here the festival program, children's events programs, information about parking, accommodation, accessibility, volunteering, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

Some of the early registered exhibitors or presenters:
Cheiron T
Jihočeská Lambda
Gender Studies, o.p.s.
OPIM o.s. / Živá knihovna
Dita Jahodová
Akademie sociálního umění Tabor
Origamistická sekce Tábor

This is where you will find a guide to Tábor businesses and organizations supporting the event. Naturally, we recommend you visit them when in Tábor.

Pension Milena (Husovo nám. 6, 381 254 755; 723 144 020)
Restaurace U Marušky (Pražská 157)
Restaurace U Dvou koček (Svatošova 310)
Bar Envy (Nám. Fr. Křižíka 869)
Kadeřnické studio ELIS (Klokotská 126)
Cheiron T
Mestská knihovna Tábor
fun agency
OS WIFI Hlavatce

National and international organizations and individuals supporting the event - and we support them!
MUDr. Džamila Stehlíková (Czech)
Mgr. Jiří Hromada

queershop.cz (Czech)

holky v brne (Czech)

Opim (Czech)

Radio Onda Rossa
Facciamo Breccia (Italy)
Queer Evoluzione (Italy)
Ladyfest Zürich (Switzerland)

Media Partners



Hans Boeckler Stiftung

mesto Tabor



Mary Jo Aagerstoun
and Patricia Mathis

You can be a sponsor, too!

Any donation small or large helps. Depending on how much you can spare, you could have your name listed here or in our Queer Pride guide, get a backstage pass or even an all-access pass good for every area during the Queer Pride in Tábor events. Donate any amount today through the Paypal logo or write to us for details on other ways to donate.


Help us plan a smooth and fun event by registering!

Registration is required for anyone who wants to march in the Parade.

By registering, participants agree to the Parade Rules and Guidelines.

Of course everyone is welcome to watch the Parade from any point along the Parade route. Registration is only for those who wish to be in the Parade.

All Parade participants need to register.

Our preliminary Parade Line-up plan:
Section 1 - Pedestrians
Section 2 - Non-motorized transport

Our goal is to celebrate - together and safely!

Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of our Parade spectators. This is why the Parade Safety and Security plan is divided into two parts: internal and external.


- Volunteer Contingency Monitors
We will have one volunteer per 10 Parade participants to work as a Contingency Monitor during the Parade. The Contingency Monitors must monitor their assigned group/area, and be available in the case of an emergency situation as determined by QPPFT personnel. The Contingency Monitors must be visible AT ALL TIMES during the Parade, and will be issued a safety armband at check-in, for easy identification. Contingency Monitors are responsible for knowing all Parade rules. If you register for the Parade as a group with 10 or more people, you must select one member per 10 people in your group to attend one of our free Contingency Monitor workshops, which we will hold periodically throughout the months preceding the event. The Parade Organizing Committee will also provide its own Contingency Monitors, who will oversee the Parade route and all exits and entries to the Parade route, the Festival grounds, and the Afterparty venue.

- Emergency Medical Services
Mobile Medical Services will be available during the Parade, in addition to First Aid booths at the Parade Starting Point and on the Festival grounds.


- Local and National Police
Local and national police will be responsible for monitoring traffic and guaranteeing the closure of the Parade route to all non-Parade traffic for the duration of the Parade, and/or facilitating the "waves" in Parade movement necessary to accommodate local and intercity bus lines.

- Firefighters/Emergency Services
The required number of fire engines/emergency services vehicles will be placed throughout the Parade route.


Below is a list of volunteer positions for the Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor. Since we are run entirely by volunteers, we need all the help we can get. We urge you to help us by committing a few hours and bringing along a friend or two as well. We have a range of volunteer opportunities. The more hands we have, the smoother everything will run.

If you would like to volunteer, write us at info(at)queerprideparadetabor.cz and let us know which areas interest you. Some positions may require skill, prior experience, or a minimum age, but we will let you know where you fit in best and what extras you can get for volunteering.

Parade Volunteer Positions:
Parade Starting Point Set-up
Prepare Welcome, Registration, and Info Tables.

Information Crew
Work the Welcome, Registration, or Info Tables.

Volunteer Coordination
Help check-in volunteers, make sure they take breaks and have water. Shifts are available from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Starting Point Stage Crew
Shifts are available from 8 AM to 11:45 AM.

Parade Line-up Assistant
Help participants find and keep their place in the Parade line-up.

Special Needs Assistant
Care for people with disabilities, children, seniors or anyone needing special assistance.

Starting Point Clean-up
Pack up tables, stage materials, etc., dispose of garbage, and generally leave the Starting Point in the condition we found it. Shifts from 11 AM to 12:30 PM.

Festival Volunteer Positions:
Festival Set-up
Help set up the Festival from 8 AM to 11 AM on the day of the event.

Welcome Table
Help inform visitors about the Festival programs and resources, accommodation, parking, etc.

Community Space Helper
Work with kids, families, seniors and the disabled. Shifts are available throughout the day.

Help make the festival look exciting on a shoestring budget. Creativity helps a lot! Ideally, you should be available on the evening before the event as well as at 8 AM the morning of the event.

Food Service Coordinator
Make sure that the volunteers and artists are fed, and also arrange the food area. Shifts are available from 9 AM to midnight.

Workshop Assistant
Help the workshops run smoothly by assisting with technical set-up, running errands, etc.

Festival Stage Crew
We need lots of people for this position. Shifts are available from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Volunteer Coordination
Help check-in volunteers, make sure they take breaks and have water.
Shifts are available from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Festival Clean-up
Help breakdown the festival 10 PM to midnight on the day of the event.

Safety and Securtity Volunteer Positions:
Safety Crew
Help keep the festival secure for our participants and volunteers.
Shifts are available from 8 AM on the day of the event to 4 AM the next morning.

Medical Care Volunteer Positions:
Experience required. Crowd management experience preferred.